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“DieHard Sports Fans Only Allowed Beyond This Point”

Only Sports Fans are allowed to enter, and if this is not you, turn back now!!!

“Avid Sports Fans Dream Come True”

Sports Fans
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This is a LifeTime Experience for all those Sports Fans who truly love the game. I’m not talking about those who mouth the words, but those who are off the wall Sports Hounds!!! Just take a moment to imagine during the course of a “LIVE” game, you can become actively engaged play by play, drive by drive. Making predictions during the course of the game. Being among the 1rst of over a Million HUNGRY Sports Enthusiasts to engage in the World’s First Interactive Sports App.

This is just the tip of the ICEBERG!!! The social aspect of this App goes beyond what anyone would expect for a game. This will involve the entire Family & friends on a level that none have ever experienced to this day. In addition to being able to invite your friends, you also have the option to invite or follow Celebrities & Professional Athletes who are playing this App as well. Some have even created their own Leagues that you may join & play on.

Interactive Sports App

“This App, FireFan, is already available in the Online Stores”

Sports Fans

There really is only ONE way to thank the person responsible for sharing this App with you. Click on the link provided & you will get the opportunity to play right along with them in the League they have either created or are on, and the games they are engaged with.

Sports Fans

You are not signing up, or joining anything. There is no commitment or obligation. We are just asking you to join us to play an App that is fun, social, competitive & engaging. So, let me ask you a QUESTION??? “What is holding you back from pre-registering to enjoy the World’s First Interactive Sports App???”

Sports Fans

Important Reasons to Get in Now!!!!

Not only is there the “BONUS” that comes with this App when you download to your phone, 18 “FREE” Tokens. Just knowing that you will be given the opportunity to engage in “REALTIME” with the NFL & MLS. NBA will be coming soon, and the TEAM is also working on including most of the other Major Sports including BaseballHockey, Tennis, Golf, Rugby, Cricket, Boxing & Racing. There really isn’t any substantial reason for not jumping on this TODAY!!! So, JOIN US IN THIS SPORTS WORLD APP EXPLOSION


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8 thoughts on “Do Ya Wanna Play???

  1. Hi,
    This looks like an amazing app. I am a big golf fan and would be interested in this when it is released.
    Can you tell me if there is a one off payment or is there a recurring fee?
    Also have you any dates when the golf app will be released?

    1. Eddie,
      Glad to have you stop by, Eddie, and Golf is in their minds to be included at some point. Since it is “FREE” I would suggest going ahead & getting pre-registered so that you have the 12 “FREE” tokens that come with it. This doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes. Then, when the golf is included you are set, plus have tokens to ensure you have a great experience.
      Once again, thanks for stopping by, and see again soon.

  2. This looks pretty cool but is it only available for sports in The States? I am interested in football (soccer) and would like to know if it will be available for British or European soccer? Also, can it be used on an Android device? I have a Samsung Note 5.

    1. Craig,

      Hello, and thanks for stopping by to check out this brand new App that is getting ready to launch the week of Thanksgiving. Am really excited to hear that you are interested in European Soccer, as this will be added soon. There was a bit of a delay in release, and since the Soccer season is about over, NFL will be with the launch, NBA Basketball will be coming soon after. United Games intends on adding all of the major Sports, Baseball, Hockey, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Boxing & Racing.

      You also were wondering if you could use your Samsung Note 5, absolutely. I have a Droid Turbo which is also an Android. What I would personally recommend since it is “FREE” would be to pre-register since this gives you a “BONUS” of 12 Free Tokens used to open certain aspects of the App. Then once the App is launched you can watch the short 30 second Ads to earn these tokens for Free. This way you are set, no cost, no obligation to anything, no commitment, but having the 12 “FREE” tokens will give you an edge for the first time you engage with a Live game of European Soccer when it is added.

      You can register here at, and I will look forward to possibly playing along with you when Soccer comes on board.

      Thanks again for stopping by.


      Wayne Stewart

  3. This looks like an awesome app. I can’t believe it’s taken someone this long to come up with this concept. What other apps are they considering coming out with? This is very interesting. I have a few friends that are die hard sports fans. I’ll definitely refer them to your site to check this out.

    1. Jeremy,
      Great to have ya stop by. I’m with you on the concept taking this long, as they just did not have the technology back when Jeff first had this dream to actually put it together. Since this is going to be such a Social experience, why don’t you come on board. After all, it is “FREE” and there will be your friends too where you will all have a place to hang on the Sports end of things. The saying is, “What Facebook is to the Internet, this App is going to be for Sports.” It is supposed to launch within the next couple of hours, and everyone who pre-registers are receiving a “BONUS” of 12 Free tokens. Would love to have another like-minded Player aboard. There are a bunch of us in here, and looking forward to the social part of hanging with my fellow Members. Lol
      Thanks again for stopping by, and hope to hear from again soon.

  4. I admire your imagination and drive to launch an app.for interactive sports.I believe your going to become disgusting rich. Not only is your site innovative it is also well thought out and clearly explained.I know many of my friends who will be very interested in your app. I do have one question , How did you put the WA ambassador information on your website. Please refer me to the section of the training that covers this. Great site,Good work.

    1. Larry,
      Appreciate your great comment on my site, regarding my drive & passion. I would challenge you to share with your friends as now is the best time to really check it out. You get 12 free tokens, plus it has been launched in Beta Mode, so it is absolutely free to play in its entirety token free. Simply send them to and the access code is Sabu. They will register there, then go to itunes to download the App, using the same password & email they used to register. Have them look for the League: FireFanExplosion or Shotwave NFL. Look forward to seeing you in there as well. Even non-sports Fans are loving it. Come join us.
      Thanks again for stopping by.
      Wayne Stewart

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