NCAA College Basketball


NCAA is now “LIVE” on FireFan

      I realize that NCAA and the frenzied March Madness is now over. For not being into any form of Sports before being introduced to FIREFAN, the new Interactive Sports App that was launched on Thanksgiving 2016. I had an absolutely incredible experience getting to know & understand this passionate sport. The ability to actually get to predict possible plays while watching the game was an experience you could most definitely write home to Mom about. All the way to the Final Four, where the South Carolina Gamecocks lost to the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Then we watched the Oregon Ducks lose to North Carolina Tar Heels.













 We then knew who was going to the Championship Game, Monday Night. It was definitely a game that I shall not soon forget. The Gonzaga Bulldogs & North Carolina Tar Heels played hard, and it came to a fierce ending of 71 to 65. The North Carolina Tar Heels stepped up at the end and brought this baby home.  I had personally picked the Tar Heels guided by a friend whom I worked with for quite a few years & trusted.






With not being your average Sports Buff, the one thing for me that stood out above the NBA Games. These guys played for keeps, and their passion was fueled by their desire to reach the professional status. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the games I was able to sit down & enjoy. As well as being interactive with the games, following the teams & Players more closely to determine the answers to the play predictions that FireFan offered.

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