NBA is now “LIVE”

NBA is now “LIVE”, and there are soooooo many games to choose from. It seems coming from a Newbie to Sports like me, that there are games every night to fit anyone’s schedule. Have even seen as much as 12 games in one evening, WOW!!! Before I begin, would like to share that this APP has finally reached the Media. Let’s take a look at what others are saying:


My 2 Cents on My Experience So Far 

Since the Initial Launch on Thanksgiving 2016, I felt the need to share what I have experienced so far. Also wanted to clear up any misunderstanding as to this App is a stand-alone game that has you glued to your phone. If you have the time to watch a game on TV, the App interacts with the game you are watching.When I initially downloaded FireFan, I entered the Player Reward Code so the “ONE” who told me gets credit for sharing this with me. I then set-up my Profile, selected my Favorite Sports, Favorite Teams, and picked a League I wanted, to begin with for my 1rst game. From the 1rst game until now, the best way I can describe my experience is like I’ve heard from so many others who are playing it now. “I will never watch a game the same again.”

 “My Personal Invitation”

Therefore, I am extending a personal invitation to everyone that lands on this article they are reading. “Come Play With Me” just one time & see for yourself. If it isn’t something that fuels your Fire than simply uninstall it & walk away. Don’t simply read this, then leave me a comment about how excited you are, how you’re going to play it, you want a jersey that one of the Pro’s is giving away, then do nothing. At least get your feet wet, and just like LAY’S Potato Chips, you’ll be back for more. Also, if you do have any questions, I cannot answer them if I have no way of responding to you. So, please leave an email address or some form of contact info so I can answer your questions.                                                 

6 thoughts on “NBA is “LIVE”

  1. It would seem your career path has taken many twists and turns, just as you travel around delivering consumer goods. You do share a lot about yourself and your family, this will resonate with people, it is obvious you are a “real” person. That’s what visitors to any website want to know. As far as trust? It is easier to trust someone, especially on the internet, if they are willing to show who they are. Know, like, and trust are keys to success on line, or so I’m told.

    1. Steve,

      Thank-you for stopping by, and leaving a comment on my site. I can see you looked around a bit to see who I was. That’s observant, wish you well in your journey as well.



  2. Wow! This is an exciting page. Although I do not religiously follow sports, I enjoy fantasy football. This app seems to cover much more than just football and the interactive part is really intriguing to me. I have a huge extended family and most of the men are into sports and sports games. I am going to send them the link you offered. I am sure information will be coming, but i was wondering if there will be a kind of subscription fee or if will be a per-season typed fee. The other question I have is whether I will need to watch for this app or if it will download automatically on my cell phone. I am looking forward to starting.

    1. Jim,

      Am really excited to have you come by, and thrilled you enjoyed what’s coming. This baby is set to launch between now & Thanksgiving, and the free tokens are for pre-registered Players. There is no subscription fee, nor will there be one. Once you are registered, when this App launches you will immediately receive a text. So what you will need to do is go to & get registered. Then I will send you a link for a contest you can take advantage of as well with this App.

      Thanks again for stopping by, and I look forward to playing in a game with you.



  3. Not a really huge sports fan, but I like to sometimes do the fantasy sports gig. Where I used to work we did the point spread and whoever got the best picks won the pot for the week. I actually won twice. This app does look like a lot of fun. I might look more into Firefan a little later.

    1. Jason,

      Great to have you stop by, and I would agree not to rush. It has been launched in Beta Mode, and the real release is coming. It’s getting much better, but the massive download was a complete record breaker. Let me know when you might give it a try, and will hook you up with some free tokens, and connect you with a great league. Just shoot me an email.

      Again, thanks for stopping by.



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