How to Play & Join MVP Leagues

Attention All Die-Hard Sports Fans

“Avid Sports Fans Dream Come True”

       Once in a Life-Time Opportunity

Have you ever wanted to actually interact with a “LIVE” game while you are sitting with your buddies or Family & be more involved in the game you are watching??? I mean to really engage with your Favorite Team & Players drive by drive while the game is being played out in “REAL TIME.” To be able to truly see your team hit the field, and be able to predict plays before each drive based on how your team is actually playing.

What if I told you this was possible & you could even join a league created by one of the retired Pro’s or Celebrities you know. Yes, play in their League??? Now understand that I am not talking about a “GAME” where you will be sitting glued to your phone playing minute by minute. I am talking about a Sports App that enables you to interact with the Game you are watching on TV, or in the Stadium “LIVE.”

Let me show you so there will be no misunderstanding

To get started you will need to go to GOOGLE or APPLE & download the App called 

 Once you have downloaded the App, you will need to create your Profile.

             #1                                #2                              #3


              #4                              #5                               #6


  1. Welcome Screen
  2. Create Your Profile w/ image & username
  3. Pick Your Sports
  4. Pick Your Teams
  5. Follow Your SuperStars, Create Your Contacts
  6. Join a few Leagues if you choose

Create Your Dashboard within the App

            #1                                  #2


  1.      Upcoming Games is where you will find upcoming games & join, and you can either create your own league or join someone else’s league. This is where you can also join a Pro’s League or Celebrity that has created their own league. You will notice from the above image that I have been playing on Brian Urlacher’s League.
  2.     If you scroll down a bit you will see the Leagues you have created or joined under Leagues I manage. Below this is your Favorite Sports that you chose earlier.

Choosing a Game & getting ready to Interact when the game comes on

             #1                                  #2                                 #3


  1. Once you have chosen the game you want to engage with, usually 48 hrs before the game you will receive notification to enter your pregame pics.
  2. There are always 10 pregame pics, and this is pic 2 out of 10
  3. This is pic 1 out of 10


When the game is close to starting, you will go to your game. A brief explanation of the tabs you see in the images above.

  •  Play = when this tab is engaged you will notice a news feed coming up your screen from the bottom with play by play details as you see in the image to the right.
  • Chat = This is where the social side comes in. You can interact with others on your League, talk smack, and simply enjoy yourself as the game progresses.
  • Leaders = You will see everyone who is playing in this League with their scores for the pics they have made & are making. This is where the competitive side comes in.
  •  Picks = This is where you will see your pregame picks, and current picks you have made, and whether they are right or wrong.
  • Moments = pics that are taken during the game from the sidelines
  • Stats = scroll to the right & you will find this tab & see the current stats of the Teams in this game


Entering into the Playoffs this year we have some Major incentives involving some of the MVP’s who are playing this App. They will be having drawings during their games & giving away signed helmets, jersey’s and other signed memorabilia. I have listed them below, and if you are wanting to get in on this action, simply click on their image which will take you directly to their league.

           Brian Urlacher


              Walter Jones

              Derek Hough

Dermontii Dawson

Jerome Williams

        Manny Pacquiao

Mike Alstott

    Shaun Alexander

              Shawn Kemp

          Walter Jones





12 thoughts on “How to Play & Join MVP Leagues

  1. I enjoyed reading and getting to navigate your site. I am intrigued by the interactive aspects of the app you are promoting. I am an avid San Antonio Spurs fan and would be interested in following them using this app. I will definitely give the app a try. Thank you for the information!


    1. Bobby,

      Am really glad that you enjoyed hearing about this incredible Sports App. Myself, not being a Sports Fan, find it very entertaining as well as exciting & social. Looking forward to playing with you possibly in the Cowboys game, Hope you have an exceptional time, and do not hesitate to invite your friends to the game & league you are in. There is an invite tab that pops up when you click on the Flame at the bottom of your phone screen. You can invite friends right to the Game & League you are in.

      Thanks again for stopping by, and hope to see you again soon.



  2. Awesome post! I didn’t even know this was a thing. I play standard fantasy football but this sounds so much more than just the norm. I’ll have to give it a shot.

    Great information!

    1. Robert,
      Am glad that this post inspired you, and am still waiting patiently to see your name on my Team Roster. I have been hoping instead of just great information, that it would draw folks to at least try it out & experience what all the excitement is all about. Especially now that there is a “FREE” 2017 Nissan Altima drawing just for playing it!!
      Thanks again for stopping by, and hope you were serious & will see you in one of the games.

  3. This is a very interesting app – It reminds me of fantasy play, but more interactive. The fact that players can be involved is just incredible.

    This also seems like a great way for players to really get to know their fans which makes players much more humble in my opinion.

    1. Alex,

      Only one way to find out the true experience. Come join us & see for yourself. Thanks for dropping by, and just found out last night that they are giving away a free 2017 Nissan Altima Fully-Loaded just for playing.



  4. I am a huge sports guy especially when it comes to the Giants, Knicks, and Pirates. This app seems like a great way to enjoy a middle of the season regular season game that I typically wouldn’t be as into. Also seems like an app to make a game of two teams I don’t care for the most exciting part of my day. Thanks for sharing!

    1. John,

      Gotta Love it that you are a huge Sports Fan. I have found with this App that since it is the first of its kind, a lot of folks think it is a stand-alone game, like Angry Birds, Madden Football, etc. Not realizing it really does not require any additional time except for watching the “LIVE” game, and the App allows you to make play predictions each drive while you are watching.

      Since it seems from your comment that this would take something you really do not care for & make it exciting, is there any reason why your not in for tomorrow nights games? If this is true, and not just a statement to buff up my article, then come join me, and at the same time possibly win a car, and help support one of the Non-Profit Organizations that have Leagues set up you can play on. The links below help raise support for a Detective who was shot & killed in the line of duty, leaving behind a Loving Wife & 4 children. See you in one of the games.



      Come play Patriots vs Steelers with me on FireFan

      Come play Falcons vs Packers with me on FireFan

  5. Hi Wayne,
    thank you for showing me this cool app!

    It seems very fun to be able to interact live. I’m not a big “gamer”, but I love sports so I have to check this one up.

    Thanks for the guide on how to download and set it up.
    Also, nice to be able to read about the players too.
    Great site!

    1. Stina,

      Appreciate you stopping by & leaving a comment. Not sure why you have not responded to my follow-up. Hope to hear from you again.



  6. This is a cool site, MVP. you have done an amazing job giving the details, step by step of how to join and how exciting the site is. I was really glad when I saw one of my past favorite NFL players was part of the app, Mike Alstott. Thank you for introducing this great app to a sports fan.

    1. Thankyou, Marc. Why dont you join in Mike’s League and see what all the excitement is all about. Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you in a game with Mike soon



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