What is Flames of Madness

How To Play In This League

     Since this is a Rotational League, to make this fair to each and every one of us, we need to play or at least join every game that is hosted each day. Therefore, it is pre-requisite to join every game posted on Calendar upon joining League. This will alleviate forgetting, and be supportive to every team Member when they are hosting their game. 

      I personally do not want this league to consist of a bunch of rules that restrict everyone and take away the one feature that will always bring us back. It has to be “FUN” or most will not return. My vision is to have 30 Members, and that this League will be our League, not just mine. I will list a few things that I believe will cover a multitude of issues I’m sure we have all experienced by now.

     Please read & comment below that you have read these guidelines in order to continue being a member of Flames of Madness. This will allow me to know that we are all on the same page. I am really looking forward to playing with all of you & watching this become a League where we have 200-400 players joining our games & just playing and having a blast.

  • I will personally “TAG” you when I post the time for joining games, and for sending me a link to the game of your choice that you choose to host.
  • Every game that is hosted needs to be posted once a game is available. (If you do not know how to create a post to promote your game, see Michela or myself) Usually not more than 15 days in advance. ( This will give all of us a chance to invite, share & promote to gather more players to the game)
  • Each Host is “FREE” to choose whatever game they desire to host and promote it in any way they choose. Whether they want to do a drawing, raffle, giveaway or even ask some of us to help, after all, we are a team. It is also mandatory to remain an “ACTIVE” member if you are hosting to be in the chat & consistently represent Flames of Madness League.
  • Let’s keep the Chat clean, no WTF, or talk that might not be appropriate for younger players. No talk about Bitcoin, Binary Options, or any other opportunity that might be out there. After all, this is a game and only a game.

Guidelines To Remain An “ACTIVE” Member

Each Member is required to know the guidelines of being an “Active” Member of Flames of Madness Travel Team. Please click the link below to get started:




Wayne Stewart