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     What is this new FireFan Sports App?

 Here is where I believe there is a whole lot of confusion about this new FireFan Sports App. This is something that needs to be explained in some detail. Please pay close attention so there is no confusion as to what this App can do. There can be a lot more involvement from those who are introduced to this new Sports App for the 1rst time. If they truly understand what this App is all about.

  • This App cannot stream a “LIVE” game, there is a news feed that gives you play by play details, but cannot be used to watch a game.
  • This App “IS NOT” a Stand-Alone Game that you play on your phone at any time.
  • If there is not a “LIVE” game on TV, the App is basically used for setting up future games, Leagues, inviting friends, etc.
  • FireFan allows you to be interactive with the game you are watching on TV, not something that distracts from the game. It enables you to make play predictions during the game, drive by drive.
  • FireFan has attracted many MVP’s that have downloaded the App & created Leagues you can play on. They have also been giving away signed memorabilia just for playing in their League.
  • FireFan wants you to create your own League with your friends, and inner circle. Even creating your very own Family League for just you & your Family members to play & hang out together during a game.
  • FireFan is also a team of people who truly care about our Communities, and have opened the door to many causes that work within our Communities. We can support them by playing on the Leagues they have created. I’m sure that I have not listed them all, as there are several in here.

FireFan Sports App

  1. Operation Shoebox =
  2. 1N3 =
  3.  Homeless Angels =
  4.  Haven2Home =
  5. BloodWater =
  6. Detective Jerry Walker’s Family =