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FIREFAN Sports App

The New Interactive Sports App 

     Finally, technology has advanced to where we can interact in “REAL TIME” with a live Sports Game, making play predictions, and socializing with our friends, Family & others we invite. We can also form Leagues, and compete against one another as all Sports Fans enjoy.
     It doesn’t matter if you’re at the Stadium, in your Living Room, or even at your favorite “SPORTS Bar” with your Family. You get to choose who you play with, where you play, and as you make your predictions drive by drive if your predictions are right, there are rewards. 

Look what is in the works for the future of this App:

     European Soccer



                                 It is now available in the Apple & Google Store. Simply Click on either of the Images below & the Player Reward Code = Skyrocket

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10 thoughts on “FireFan App

  1. Hello, thanks for your article, i had a good time reading it, it seems to be a good way to make some money through an app. I would like to give it a try but I have some questions. Is there any fee upfront to register, or will I have to pay anything in the future? Whether I register as an affiliate or a player. And since it looks like an app I may need to use personally for its purpose, can I register to be an affiliate and a player at time?

    1. Jonel,

      Hey Jonel, great to have you stop by, and glad you enjoyed reading about this incredible opportunity. This new interactive Sports App is most definitely going to be ground breaking when it launches. About any fees, there are no upfront fess at all to register as an Affiliate or a Player. As an Affiliate you get the app, so you can play it when it is launched. There is a $39.99 fee that is charged to your credit card when the app is released, and a monthly fee of $9.99 to remain as an Affiliate. To choose to be a Player is “FREE” and there is no charge at all.

      Let me know if you have any further questions, and I will get back with you. I would be honored to get you registered, and help you get a team built, or to just simply experience the app by playing.

      Thanks again for droping by.


      Wayne Stewart

    2. Still have not heard back from you, are you serious, or am I wasting my time? There is no upfront fee, takes 2 seconds. I sent you an invite that expired. Not sure I understand your motives???
      Will await your response.

  2. I have to say I believe this is monumental on several different levels. The ability to profit as an affiliate of an app is obviously major since we have become such an app-centric environment. Also, the fact that this app is an interactive app is really exciting as it further integrates our ability to be a part of the already immersive sports viewing experience. I think this is really exciting.

  3. Wow. This is really exciting stuff! Have you tried this yourself yet?
    What has your success rate been?
    I am from the UK and the one thag stands out most is European football. Do you have any idea when this will be released as I would love to make some money with this app through the soccer interactive sport.



    1. Adam,

      Yes, it is very exciting, Adam, and I have been an Affiliate since June. The App is scheduled to launch at the end of October, and the door to being able to get in as an Affiliate will close on Monday night at 11:59 p.m. Once it is released there will only be collecting Players, and unless they reopen the door for Affiliates to join, the opportunity to get in and share in the revenue will only be available to existing Affiliates. You will see everything coming down about Affiliates Monday Night. All the opportunity information on my sites, Facebook Page have to come down. It will strictly be about the Game & acquiring Players going forward.

      Mark states that European Soccer is coming with the release or shortly there after, and will be followed by Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Cricket, Rugby, Boxing & Racing. This is the first Interactive Sports App ever to be introduced to the World, and is going to go Viral. Am looking forward to hearing the “NAME” and seeing the “LOGO” after Monday. Woohoo.

      Thanks again for stopping by, and look forward to getting you in place to earn some of the revenue this baby is going to bring in with European Soccer as well.


      Wayne Stewart

  4. That was a really catchy video at the beginning. I am not too much into sports but my family is. This app seems very exciting and I am very interested in what the name will be. This will be something awesome for all those other sports lovers out there. What exactly will this app completely entail? Will it host games as well?

    1. Jana,

      What a pleasant treat to have you drop in. So glad you enjoyed that video, draws attention doesn’t it? Lol We will know the name of this App I hear sometime tomorrow, and will get that news to you. Would also suggest you go ahead and sign up as a Player since it is completely “FREE” and share it with your Family when it comes out. When you download the App you wil be able to invite whoever you choose. I shot you a PM with a more in depth look at this App to cover what it will entail.

      Again, thankyou so much for stopping by, and come back again soon for updates.



  5. Hey Wayne
    If this app is as cool in reality as it sounds then I’m in.
    Especially if they get rugby and golf right. When watching golf, cricket and rugby I am constantly making in game predictions, as I’m sure many sports fans do, but it’ll be great to compare them with those of other aficionados of the game.
    Is there a release date?

    1. Keith,

      Now there’s a true Avid Sports Fan. Glad you stopped by, and enjoyed this post on the World’s First Interactive Sports App. The release date has not been announced in detail, but is set for the end of October. Just need your full name, cell & email & will shoot you a link to get in place. You will receive prompt notification the moment it launches. I will shoot you a more detailed video with Mark Mongie walking you through it. Their plan is all the major Sports. Rugby, European Soccer, Basketball Baseball, Tennis. Hockey & Cricket. Looking forward to your response & will have you set in minutes.

      Thanks again for stopping by, and will chat with you soon.



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